Bespoke Software Development

Your actual software doesn’t fit to your business?

We develop your own software suitable to YOUR needs

Tailor made applications

  • Analyze the business needs through meetings with key users
  • Modeling business process and writing user stories
  • Define the relational structure of the database and guarantee its integrity
  • Make prototypes and realize a proof of concept
  • Select the more suitable technologies and programming languages according to your environment
  • Develop multi-lingual Graphical User Interface
  • Study the ergonomics, ensure the simplicity of the application
  • Write the test strategy and the test scenarios
  • Perform Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests
  • Define key performance indicators and perform load testing
  • Integrate the application to YOUR environment
  • Documentation of the application
  • Train business users
  • Application Support


Depending on the project size and the complexity of your environment, we are using

  • Either an agile methodology easing the communication and the prototyping
  • Or a more formal methodology easing the rigor and the follow-up of the development activities


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