Enterprise Content Management



Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has matured into a core infrastructure requirement for organizations in today’s knowledge economy. Software architecture and platform choices are critical components of an organization's ECM initiative.

Nuxeo Platform will create the application that your company needs: traditional Document Management System (DMS) or more collaborative platform with social capabilities.


Key Benefits

  • Extensibility: highly flexible architecture based on a component system and service-oriented architecture
  • Scalability: platform scales up, but also scales lean and thin, adapting to project needs
  • Adaptability:  Nuxeo Studio, a configuration and customization environment allowing the parameterization and personalization of the platform
  • Rapid application development driven by a modular platform with reusable components
  • Open Source, Open Standards means a commitment to interoperability and community-driven innovation
  • Assured by a comprehensive subscription offering for maintenance, support, and premium tools with Nuxeo Connect


Scale to Meet the Challenges of Today’s Digital Content

Nuxeo Platform has the ability to scale to repositories for terabytes of content, supporting tens of thousands of users and meeting high-availability requirements of critical content applications. Services can be distributed across multiple servers for optimized system performance.
The modular nature of the platform also ensures that organizations with content application requirements spanning distributed, decentralized or mobile environments can also scale solutions to be lean and thin, residing on a range of operating systems and hardware devices that legacy ECM applications cannot support.


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