Document Management System



Content creation and consumption goes far beyond sharing files if it is to scale gracefully and stand the test of time. Managing content effectively means aligning your content models with your business processes.

Nuxeo's open source document management has a highly flexible content model, allowing document definitions to range from a single file to a complex multi-file model, so they can map to real-world enterprise content flows.



The Nuxeo Platform offers a foundation for common content management services, and a layer of functionality specific to document management: 

  • Capture multi-formatted content in a unified manner: e.g. scanned images, email, office documents, CAD files, etc.
  • Leverage built-in metadata standards such as Dublin Core, or implement your own
  • Describe how documents connect to each other using structured relationships
  • Navigate the repository in physical and virtual file plans with multiple views
  • Enforce corporate policies using content automation rules
  • Ensure content accessibility over time with a full scope of content library services, such as full-text search, archiving and backup.


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