Collaborative Content Management in a Social World



Inspired by the best elements of the social network experience, the Social Collaboration module streamlines communications and interactions within enterprises by enabling the capture of project- and community-centric exchanges with a searchable and traceable flow. The Social Collaboration module adds an interactive, team-oriented dimension to the Nuxeo Content Management platform.


The social workspace enables a project-centric view of content, integrating people, communication and interactions in an easy-to-use project space. Team members have instant access, in a convenient dashboard view, to the documents and content, activities, articles, users, and communication involved in a project workspace. On-boarding of new team members becomes quick and easy.

A circle-based relationship network creates meaningful connections across geographic and organizational boundaries, so that virtual work groups can be built and fostered.

Activity streams, micro-messaging, document lists, and posted articles, aggregated within a central workspace, provide complimentary streams of information, communication, and interaction.



Nuxeo's Social Collaboration module enables enterprise 2.0-style content management and collaboration, driving efficient projects where participants are engaged and information is easily accessible.

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